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Production of Printed Circuit Boards

 The printed circuit boards we produce have a size of 0.3mm minimum of a slot, width of the piste and distance between 0.2mm minimum, with a  size of 300mm x 480mm maximum for a board from material FR4 and Alu. 
 It is possible additional contour milling or milling at irregular outline of a port inside of the circuit boards. 
 SIRIUS-PCB accepts PCB files and it does not need to generate Gerber and Drill files from the following software products: Sprint-Layout, OrCAD, CADStar, PCAD, PROTEL, Eagle, Altium, Proteus.  
 In case of that the project is on a programme for PCB other than the above-mentioned, it is necessary to send us the Gerber and Drill files. 
 The standard term for a standard series is for ten business days, a fast order to five business days, express - three business days. 

 Aluminium PCBs find their purpose in SMD powerful products with LEDs, cooling of powerful SMD elements. We also offer design and saturation of aluminium PCBs at a preferable price and guaranteed quality!

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