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PCB design and development

 Design of printed circuit board and customer specification. 
 Depending on the complexity and requirements of the project, we select the right software to implement your project, unless you have specific preferences for a PCB design software.  

Electrical diagram of the product 
- Required dimensions of the board (may also be in irregular shape) 
- Specification of the elements 
- Dimensions of non-standard elements  (if available) 
- Specific project requirements (if any)

 The project includes the preparation of files for automatic drilling, cutting, soldering mask, white printing, files for stencil fabrication in necessity, automatic saturation, panelling of the finished project, generation of Gerber and Drill files. 

 Upon completion of the project you will receive: all necessary files for the given project with complete technical documentation on the PCB, prototype of the product (if such is agreed upon in the assignment of the project).  

 The finished files and projects are the property of the client and we do not distribute them or provide to the third parties under no circumstance. The producing of printed circuit boards and modules can be ordered by both Endeavour Ltd and another producing company.

 If you express your interest, we are ready for a discussion and signing a relevant contract.

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