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Requirments concerning your project for PCB

 To produce your PCB we need: 
 PCB file of your project, it can be a file of the following software products: Sprint-Layout, OrCAD, CADStar, PCAD, PROTEL, Eagle, Altium, KiCad, Proteus. In this case, we generate all the files we need to build your PCBs. You only have to transfer the PCB file to the PCB application form.
 If your project is on any file different of the above-mentioned software products, you need to generate all of the primary files needed for construction of PCB, Gerber and Drill files, and to attach them to the PCB application form as a .zip or a .rar archive file.

 Minimum of thickness of the copper track: 0.2mm 
 Minimum of distance between piste: 0.2mm 
 Minimum of distance between outside piste and cut off board: 
  - at milling 0.5mm, allowed deviation from the size ± 0.05mm;
  - on guillotine cutting 2.0mm, allowed deviation from size ± 1.0mm.
 Minimum of the ratio of the size of slot to island - 1:1.8 (if the slot is of 0.6mm, the island must be of 1.08mm).

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