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PCB Assembly

 Endeavour Ltd offers services to its customers of PCB assembly in small and medium series, it can be done with the base of elements of the company or elements provided by the client. Possibility of test of finished boards on the customer's request. 
 Saturation rates are based on the type, complexity, standard and customer requirements.
For a specific offer, we need a board design, exact and complete specification of the elements, number of boards and term of executing.

 Classical (volumetric) mounting on PCBs 
 We have machines for automatic bending and cutting of the pins of the elements, this guarantees high repeatability and excellent quality. Here, the arrangement of the elements on the board is done manually and there is a separate protection zone from static electricity in this area. Workers wear safety bracelets and the area is suitably marked. Stainless steel bonding is done manually with digital soldering or soldering wires with a maximum of the size of board of 270mm x 175mm capacity for 8 hours of working day 520 panels of 270mm x 175mm, size. We have the technology for the both; lead and lead-free soldering of PCB components.

 Surface mounting (SMD, BGA) 
 The saturation points of SMD, BGA technology have semi-automatic saturation with a capacity of 2500 units per hour. The bonding of the elements on the boards is done manually or in an infrared tunnel trizone furnace with a maximum of width of PCM board,  120mm. Here we can also solder with lead and lead-free solders (paste), applying the solder paste with a precise stencil sponge or dispenser for smaller series.  

 Additional activities and installation
 Production of specialised cables and cable harnesses - cutting, bending, welding or crimping of various bits and couplings, testing. 
 Testing of electronic products - functional test according to product specifications.  
 Assembling and packaging of finished products.

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