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General Terms

General shopping conditions at Sirius-PCB.com


 Requirement to register a customer

 Any natural or legal person intending to purchase through the e-commerce store www.sirius-pcb.com must complete and verify the correctness of data in the registration here, thereby creating a customer’s profile.

 By creating a client’s profile, the registered person:

 1. Acquires a user name and password to identify in store www.sirius-pcb.com.

 2. Agrees to these Terms of Service for Shop www.sirius-pcb.com.

 3. Obtains the right to make valid orders to purchase goods offered by store www.sirius-pcb.com, and to refuse to execute them in due order.

 Sirius-pcb.com reserves the right to refuse access, to terminate a customer’s registration, to remove or to edit content, or to refuse to execute orders at its own discretion. If the order is cancelled it would be free of charge for the Customer.

 Procedure for shopping

 After making an order to buy a product from store www.sirius-pcb.com, we send you an e-mail confirming its acceptance containing the details of the order. Order made through online store www.sirius-pcb.com represents and is considered as an offer to purchase a product "subject to review". After checking all the stocks in the order, we send you a second e-mailing confirmation, followed by the executing of the order. In the case that the ordered goods are not available, a representative of the www.sirius-pcb.com contacted the customer to inform him.

 For purchasing to the customer, the following is required:

  1. to specify a valid delivery address, e-mail, and contact phone.
  2. to activate the order in a press of the "Finish order" button.
  3. to pay the ordered goods. The order is esteemed to be accepted and enters in process only after a payment has been realised by the client, except for cash on delivery as a method of payment.

 Rights and obligations of the parties

 Shop www.sirius-pcb.com undertakes to deliver the ordered goods within the time of agreement. Shop www.sirius-pcb.com undertakes to execute the arrangements with the customer with due attention. Shop www.sirius-pcb.com shall not be held responsible for any misconduct in the product information specified by the producer. Shop www.sirius-pcb.com is not obliged to deliver ordered goods at a specified address or phone. Shop www.sirius-pcb.com is not responsible for any delay or inability to execute its duties in case of circumstances beyond the control of store www.sirius-pcb.com.

 The customer has the right to demand the return of the goods in the case of found defects or if the delivered goods apparently do not correspond to the ordered ones and it was not possible to detect this at the moment of acceptance of the shipment.  

 The customer is required to provide a valid telephone number and shipping address. The customer is obliged to pay the price of the ordered goods. It is required that the customer pays the amount for the other costs; such as delivery, additional package and more, as agreed. The Customer undertakes to provide the opportunity to receive the ordered goods. The customer is obliged to receive the ordered goods. The Customer assumes full responsibility of protection or transmission to third parties, their user name and password as well as all actions performed with them. The Customer undertakes not to make false orders, false reviews of a product, or to provide other false information. The Client undertakes not to overstep any other non-pecuniary or legal rights. Comply with the applicable laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the current Terms of Service at Sirius-pcb.com.

 Warranty Terms and Claims

 1. Requirement for installation

 Product warranty is only valid for installation, in operation and use in accordance with the operating instructions. For products that a qualified technician is required, the fee for installation is not included in the price of the product.

 2. Place to accept a claim

 Claims for purchased goods are accepted at "Reborn PSB" Ltd.  
 Transport costs to "Reborn PSB" Ltd. are in charge of the customer! 
 Once the claim is submitted, it is necessary for the consumer to transport the goods to the point of sale and/or to a dealer designated by the seller.

 3. Required documents for submitting a claim

  3.1. The claim is submitted locally in the office of the company in written form, with the User indicating the subject of the claim, names, address and contact telephone numbers. 
  3.2. Submitting a claim the user must attach a document certifying the product and the term of the guarantee: Warranty Card and/or Cash receipt (Invoice), eventual Protocol proving the defect of the goods. 
  3.3. The warranty card contains the model, the factory number, the date of purchase, the name, the signature, and the seal of the seller, assuming those is informed to the indicated warranty terms within seven business days.

 4. Warranty period

 The warranty period for the product is indicated in its warranty card. 
 The warranty period starts on the date of purchase specified in the purchase order.

 5. Not a subject to warranty service

 All external parts of the product are accidentally damaged by the customer. 
 Devices, appliances and accessories used outside their function or in conditions other than those specified in the instructions for application.


 Warranty service can be declined in:

  5.1. Lack of documents certifying the purchase or the selling of the good. 
  5.2. Unconformity of the information in the documents and the goods by fault of the User. 
  5.3. Manipulation of the documents or product numbers of the product. 
  5.4. Attempts to repair, to adapt or to modify the product by unauthorized person. 
  5.5. Disregarding the conditions of maintaining and transport. 
  5.6. Damages caused of wrong exploitation of the product, functional overloading, using in inconvenient operating conditions (out of order electrical networks, impacts of temperature or humidity as other factors outside the allowed limits). 
  5.7. Electric shock, flood, thunder, fire and other force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the producer, the trader and the service office.

 User guide

 If you have a problem with your product, you do the following:

 6.1. Check to see if there is anything in your instructions about how to solve it. 
 6.2. Your merchandise will be repaired in the service office after your sent request in the order specified above, as you need to assure the delivery of all the equipment of the device and it is recommended to ship it in its original package. 
 6.3. Before repairing the product the service office will inform you whether the product corresponds of the conditions for warranty service and whether the damage is not subject of post-warranty reparation. 
 6.4. You will be informed for the eventual date of the term of reparation and if it is post-warranty, of its price. 
 6.5. If the problems related with warranty service are not solved within a month after receiving of the item for reparation the User has the right to receive the same (new) item,  another one with the same specifications or the amount to be refunded. 
 6.6. If the reliability of the product is subject to post-warranty reparation the term for it is extended as it is not fixed regarding the period of time for delivery of spare parts and the specificity of repairing. 
 6.7. The producer and the trader cannot be responsible for the lost benefits a cause of the defect or the time product stays in the service office. 
 6.8. During the time product stays in the service office the same or the trader are not obliged to provide another product instead.

 7. Receiving of repaired goods

 7.1. The User is obliged to assure in quality and capacity of repairing service before receiving the goods. 
 7.2. In the conditions of post-warranty service work, costs of transport and the parts replaced during the repairing of the product are paid by the User according to the needed service. The user is notified of their value in advance. 
 7.3. The date and specifics of the reparation are indicated on the warranty card.


 Claims for uncompleted set and visual defects are accepted only at  receiving of goods. 
 Damage of the product when used in a warranty period is automatically not a justification for replacement with a new one. 
 The term for correcting a damage in the warranty period varies depending on its complexity or availability of spare parts as maximum is thirty days. 
 There is not legal notice for allowed maximum numbers of reparations to necessitate an exchange of the goods.

 All disagreements are resolved by negotiations of goodwill. In case of impossibility disagreements are resolved in accordance with the regulations of the Bulgarian legislation.


 Refusal of purchase

 Next to ordering or sending of a merchandise, the user has the right to cancel the order within seven days from receiving. As our goal is mostly to  satisfy of our clients,  "Reborn PCB" Ltd. accepts returned goods within 28 days of receiving in one of two ways:

  5300, Bulgaria, opening hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

 Returning a refused item, it must be also sent a proof of purchase (receipt, courier slip or invoice) and an "abandonment of purchase form", unused, not unpacked and in a saved form in original packaging. Please, take care of the products while they are by your side as well as when you return them to avoid damage or loss in transportation.

 In case of return of the goods by post or a courier you save the receipt. Otherwise, you take the risk of loss and damage of the goods before we receive them.

 Refund of the amount in a cancelled order is realised in the form of the original method of payment.

 The policy of abandonment of purchase does not affect User’s rights of the client.


 Receiving the order the customer has the responsibility to inspect the goods and to inform us in existence of a visible defect or damage. Do not leave products unchecked and packed. All visible damages/defects must be reported in a reasonable period of time after receiving the goods (within three days).  

 Claims are not accepted for goods that they evidently have been used or damaged due to consumer’s usage.

 Claiming process

 1. In case of defects/damages, the client notifies "Reborn PCB" Ltd. within 14 days of their notice.

 2. The notification goes with application of a "claim form" you can obtain from us.  

 “Claim form” data must contain: 1) the subject of the claim, 2) the method chosen by customer for eliminating the defects in the claim (see 3.), 3) the value of the requested amount and 4) address and telephone number for a contact.

 3. Claiming of the goods the consumer can insist a refund of the amount of payment, an exchange of the goods with others corresponding to the agreement or a discount.

 4. Claiming the consumer must apply the documents the claim is based (a receipt or an invoice) and filled in claim form.

 5. The goods subject to the claim are sent per courier in charge of the CUSTOMER to the address of the company:

 6. "Reborn PSB" Ltd. accepts all submitted claims on time. Each claim has an act issued in duplicate, one is provided to the consumer.

 For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on +359 877 44 55 60 or office@sirius-pcb.com.

 Protection of personal data

 The Sirius-pcb.com Store is obliged to use the personal data of the customer only for the purposes included in these Terms and Conditions. If the customer has given false information, this obligation is considered as non-valid. The Sirius-pcb.com Store is under obligation not to expose the Customer's personal data to third parties unless it has been expressly authorized for it or the information must be provided to the relevant authorities under Bulgarian legislation. Sirius-pcb.com is obliged to use the personal data you provide only for the following purposes: 

 1. Processing of a customer order

 2. Statistical goals to improve the presentation of the shop

 3. Administration and service of the stock of the store

 If you gave your accordance to be notified for new products and promotions you would be interested of. Creating a client’s profile it will be given to you, the opportunity to express your agreement for receiving information from Sirius-pcb.com via e-mail for products, promotions and special offers. If you do not want to receive any feedback from Sirius-pcb.com, please, make the correct checking in the specified box.

 Legal regulation

 All the outstanding issues of these Terms and Conditions between Sirius-pcb.com and the customer the regulations of the legislation in Republic of Bulgaria are applied for.

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