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How to Order


 To buy a Product at www.sirius-pcb.com Customer must be first registered as a user. This is possible with the form for the registration accessible from any of our pages or with a networking in the process of ordering.

 In order to subscribe and use the full options to communicate on the site, you need at least the minimum of information about you as a user.

 These are your name and surname, e-mail, country, and password.

 If you want to confirm the purchase of a product(s), you will be asked for additional data needed for delivery of your order, invoicing and address for delivery of the selected products /if such data is not entered in your registration/.

 After declaring accord with the SIRIUS-PCB Online Terms and Conditions, at the Subscriber's e-mail address, the user receives a confirmation of user name and password to have an access to the system with.

 Meanwhile it is also receiving an electronic link for activating the profile within three days. If the registration is not confirmed within, it deletes on the site and needs to be registered.

 Once confirmed, registration allows you tracking in the status of the order you made, the history of completed orders and the access to all forms on the site for communication with Us.

 Product in Basket  

 Choose a desired product. "Add" button, you create a shopping list of products to purchase with.

 If you are not a registered user (or you are not logged in with your password), the products you have selected will only be stored for a ninety minutes.

 In such selected ones, as unregistered and subsequent registration to ninety minutes after, they will be transferred to your "Profile" on the site. If you are a registered user, all products added to the "Shopping Cart" are kept there until you removed them.


 Pushing the "Continue" button, you have to follow next five steps to complete your order:

Step 5 - View and finish   - To complete the order you must agree to the Site Terms and Conditions and with a click of the "Finish Order" button you send us a request for its executing.

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