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Film exposure

 Film exposure is an activity that it has no substitute for professional polygraphy. The polygraphic applications are many and varied - for offset, sieve, flexographic printing, gold printing, partial lacquering, die-cutting, PCB and many more. 

 We recommend to our clients to submit PDFAICDRPSD movie exposure files. We also work with EPS and TIF files.  
 Various file formats can be exposed, according to the film width: 304mm and the maximum of the length of the exposed film is 1040mm. Prior to rasterization, files are analysed for missing fonts, low resolution images, and RGB colour space. The minimum bitmap resolution must be 250dpi. Missing fonts can be replaced by similar ones, only with the consent of the client.

  • Exposure Resolution 2540dpi.

 Film exposure price:

  • Film width 304mm (constant) and for each linear millimetre length 0.02 lv. VAT included
  • Ordering to expose a movie for a period of five business days the minimum value is 8.00 BGN with VAT (it means any movie with length to 400mm will be valued at 8.00 lv. VAT included)
  • Executing of order to 24h +25% 
    In case of executing an order on the same business day received not later than 3.30 p.m. +50%
  • We guarantee executing of the film exposure order within 24h but in practice we can expose it in a very short time.  
  • Optionally, you can get finalised films with a courier. We use the services of courier company called Econt Express.
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