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Battery Discharge Protection
Battery Discharge Protection
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Battery Discharge Protection Battery Discharge Protection
Product characteristics
Reference number 100863
Type module Block, rectifiers, stabilizers
Weight 0.035 kg
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The device is based on contemporary microcontroller and is applicable for multi cell battery deep discharge prevent.
It is commonly used as safety component for kids' electric vehicles, electric scooters, radio controlled cars and other multi cell battery operated devices.


Battery Discharge Protection basic specifications:

  • Multi cell battery voltage rating: 9V÷100V
  • Maximum commutation current: 

- 20A (without heatsink)
- 30A (with heatsink)

  • Multi cell battery level LED indication
  • Easy programming level of building protection
  • Supply Voltage: 9V÷18V DC
  • Size: 55mm x 36mm
  • Suitable for mounting in Box universal A79

The device has memorized factory default settings ready for use with standard multi cell battery at 12V, respectively 10,7V at low level and 13,5V at high level.
In case of using the device at current above 20А, a suitable heatsink must be slipped on power elements (transistor Q2 and Q4) which are placed on the PCB’s component side.



  • Electronic protection against multi cell battery deep discharge
  • Button S1 (SET) – for programming
  • terminal J1 (DC Power) – Supply voltage 9V÷18V DC
  • terminal J2 (IN) – multi cell battery input voltage
  • terminal J3 (OUT) – Output voltage to load


  • LED D2 (short flash red) – turned off output, voltage below the lower limit
  • LED D2 (flash red) – level below 25%
  • LED D2 (red) – level from 25% to 50%
  • LED D2 (flash green) – level from 50% to 75%
  • LED D2 (green) – level above 75%

Level 0% - set voltage lower level
Level 100% - set voltage top level
1. Press and hold S1 (SET) button for three seconds
2. D4 LED flashes in red-green three times one after other repeatedly
3. When D2 LED (flashes in red)
-  Voltage lower level must be set
4. S1 (SET) button must be pressed and hold for three seconds
5. When D2 LED (flashes in green) 
- Voltage top level must be set
6. S1 (SET) button must be pressed and held for three seconds
7. D2 LED (green light is on) for three seconds and goes out
8. The next time the device is turned on it enters a working mode

The prices include VAT
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