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20A H-Bridge Driver 50V
20A H-Bridge Driver 50V
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20A H-Bridge Driver 50V 20A H-Bridge Driver 50V
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Product characteristics
Reference number 100849
Type module Controls for DC motors
Weight 0.11 kg
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It finds its application in the sphere of robots and other applications who needs to control electric motors to the both directions.

Specifications of 20A H-Bridge Driver

  • Maximum amperage 20А
  • Maximum voltage 50V
  • Port to PWM
  • Port to direction
  • Port to the instantaneous current 250mV/1A
  • LED indication for direction of the electric motor
  • LED indication for stock of 12V power supply voltage
  • Power supply voltage for the DC motor: 12V÷50V DC max
  • Power supply voltage for the device: 12V DC/0.5A
  • Size: 80mm х 35mm

In case of assembling additional radiator for the device it is necessary to use an insulating sleeve and an insulating pad for TO220 (installed to the back side of the plate)!!!

The prices include VAT
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