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Converter F to V
Converter F to V
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Converter F to V Converter F to V
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Reference number 100740
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   The device is used for converting of frequency in to power supply voltage, it finds its destination in industry in controlling of frequency invertors etc. It is constructed on the base of the microcontroller PIC16F1705 I/SL.

  • Power supply voltage DC 15-24V
  • Input frequency 0÷500 Hz 
  • Output power supply voltage 0 - 10V/100mA MAX
  • Resolution 256 feet 
  • Voltiac separated input to the frequency
  • Button for setting maximum input frequency to output of 10V (maximum frequency set accumulates in energy autonomus memory of the microcontroller)
  • LED indication for Programming on mode
  • LED indication for switched on power supply voltages 
  • Size: 85mm x 15mm
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