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CNC Engraving and Cutting

Endeavour Ltd offers digital/router cutting, engraving, milling, drilling, CNC milling with operational area of ​​X-480mm, Y-350mm, Z-80mm with repeat accuracy of 0.01mm.

 The company has executed many different projects for router cutting and engraving of various materials - cutting and engraving boards for various design projects, cutting in any form of boards, cutting of letters and details.

 Materials that we cut and/or engrave

•Foam board  
• Etalbond  
• ABS - two-colour plastic  
• Polypropylene  
• Polycarbonates  
• Glass textolite  
•   and more

 Application of CNC milling machine 

-Cutting and making details 

-Making 3D models and details 
-Front panels for machines and electronics 
-Modules and decoration for restaurants, shops, home and office 
-Decor for walls, children's rooms, clubs.

-Signs and elements for visual communication 

-Letters and Elements of PVC, Plexiglas for interior solutions of shops, restaurants, moll
-Advertising signs 
-Symbols, decoration for promotional and advertising campaigns 
-Advertising solutions for fairs, exhibitions

 To be able to give an offer and price we need:

 The price for engraving is calculated per hour, depending on the complexity. 
 The cost of producing moulds is calculated per hour depending on the complexity. 
 Price for cutting details is calculated by negotiation. 
 Urgent orders are negotiated further.

 For prices, file preparation, executing time - e-mail us at office@sirius-pcb.com, please!

 Contact us now to discuss your product needs!

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