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Аbout us

Endeavour Ltd is a private company with 15-year history, an heir of Sirius-PCB. With experience in design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, electronic modules, controllers and non-standard electronic apparatus. With website and online shop www.sirius-pcb.com.

Endeavour Ltd is a team of young and highly qualified specialists – designers, programmers, technologists. We apply techniques of world leading companies which guarantees high precision, excellent quality and competitive prices of our products.

Endeavour Ltd politics is to constantly look for ways to meet our customers’ needs as we optimize our existing equipment and apply new non-standard methods and solutions.

Endeavour Ltd constantly enriches, improves and maintains the website and online shop www.sirius-pcb.com with a range of electronic components, modules and devices in an effort to satisfy our customer’s needs.

We offer high quality at competitive prices!

Endeavour Ltd main activities are:

Manufacture of prototype and small to medium printed circuit boards series in very short deadlines.

PCB assembly with conventional and/or SMD components performed by our automatic, semi-automatic and manually controlled assembly machines. PCB solder can be done manually, by wave soldering or with infrared tunnel depending on the specific PCB.


Producing enclosure panels:

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